Commander League

Dragon Fire Comics hosts our Commander League every Tuesday night at 6:30 PM. Entry is open to anyone and costs $5.00. Prizes are paid out in store credit to the top three.

To learn about the Commander format of Magic: The Gathering, click here.

The Commander League at Dragon Fire Comics also observes the following house rules:

  1. No more than one extra turn per turn cycle.
    • I.e.:   If you use Medomai the Ageless to get an extra turn, on that next turn, you cannot cast Temporal Mastery.
  2. No player may remove from play more than one land that is controlled by an opponent. However, a player may (and may have to) remove from play any number of his or her own lands. The controlling players have the choice of which lands will be destroyed, much in the same manner as a sacrifice.
    • I.e.:   Apocalypse would only exile one of each of the opponents’ lands, but would exile all of yours.
    • I.e.:   Your Enchanted Evening and Opalescence creates a state-based effect of converting all lands into 0/0 creatures. Only one of each opponent’s lands would die on each turn; all of yours will die.
  3. Triggered abilities or effects that would trigger another effect an infinite number of times will only trigger a total of three times. If the trigger can be activated again, it can trigger another three times as a separate instance.
    • I.e.:   Sanguine Bond and Exquisite Blood set off an infinite cycles of triggers. A player gains 1 life, triggering Sanguine Bond to cause target player to lose one life, which, in turn, triggers Exquisite Blood to cause the first player to gain 1 life. That is one cycle of triggers. These will repeat two more times. If she elects to gain any more life, this will set off another set of triggers.
  4. A player will lose when he or she has 20 (not 10) poison counters.

League scoring is as follows:

  • Participation……………….. 1 point
  • Last Man Standing……… 3 points
  • Player eliminated……….. 2 points each
  • Commander kills*………. 2 points (first blood**), 1 point (subsequent)
  • Absent Leader***………… 1 point penalty

*A Commander is considered killed when it is sent to the graveyard from play, exiled, removed from game, destroyed, buried, or reduced to 0 Toughness. Countering, returning to hand, milling into graveyard, or preventing it from being played (Meddling Mage, Nevermore) will not award any points.

**First blood is awarded for the first time that particular player’s Commander is killed. Only one player will get the score for that particular Commander.

***An Absent Leader penalty is awarded when a player does not play his or her Commander. Being prevented from playing a Commander does not negate this penalty.

Special thanks to Spencer Hill for putting Version 3.0 in more Magic-y terminology.