Commander League

Dragon Fire Comics hosts our Commander League every Tuesday night at 6:30 PM. Entry is open to anyone and costs $5.00. Prizes are paid out in store credit to the top three.

To learn about the Commander format of Magic: The Gathering, click here.

The Commander League at Dragon Fire Comics also observes the following house rules:

  1. No more than one extra turn per turn cycle.
    • I.e.:   If you use Medomai the Ageless to get an extra turn, on that next turn, you cannot cast Temporal Mastery.

League scoring is as follows:

  • Participation……………….. 1 point
  • Last Man Standing……… 3 points
  • Player eliminated……….. 2 points each
  • Commander kills*………. 2 points (first blood**), 1 point (subsequent)
  • Absent Leader***………… 1 point penalty

*A Commander is considered killed when it is sent to the graveyard from play, exiled, removed from game, destroyed, buried, or reduced to 0 Toughness. Countering, returning to hand, milling into graveyard, or preventing it from being played (Meddling Mage, Nevermore) will not award any points.

**First blood is awarded for the first time that particular player’s Commander is killed. Only one player will get the score for that particular Commander.

***An Absent Leader penalty is awarded when a player does not play his or her Commander. Being prevented from playing a Commander does not negate this penalty.

Special thanks to Spencer Hill for putting Version 3.0 in more Magic-y terminology.